Gallery of the Midnights

Images from the past and present! Click the image for a full size version.

Guests Enjoying The Midnights at The Empress Guests Enjoying The Midnights at The Empress
The Midnights at Symphony Splash The Midnights at Symphony Splash
The Honourable Judith Guichon Music on the lawn at the Lieutenant Governor Estate!
Teal at Butchart's Teal and her biggest fan!
Our beautiful singers! The Midnights in 2012!
The Midnights at Butchart Gardens! The Midnights In Sidney BC!
The Midnights main stage Ballerup Denmark! The Midnights at Bakken Denmark!
Eric Emde getting ready! The singers back stage at Dragonboat Festival
Main stage Dragonboat 2010
The singers at main stage Greg and Teal backstage
Sarah Teal
Caroline Hillary
Duncan working the crowd
Caila Steve and Amy electrify the crowd at UVIC
Choreography and sweet harmony
David Foster pic David Foster checks out The Midnights demo between swings at the Celeb Golf Tourney.
Caila Betsy-Nell
Mallory, Amy, Caila and Carli at the Central Bar & Grill 5/7/03
At Soprano's during a live broadcast on the NewVI 11pm news.
Tina Watson, Mallory Manley, Carli Vierke, and Jess Parker arrive by limo for a gig at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club.
Mallory Manley, Amy Arsenaoult, Caila Thompson-Hannant  and Carli Vierke (not shown) at a benefit  for members and sponsors of the Victoria Jazz Society.
Eric Emde, the band's founder, gives attention to every detail as well as relentless rhythm to every song - a deadly combination.